The guys were sad to learn that, actor and former Chicago police officer, Dennis Farina died yesterday at the age of 69.  Free Beer and Hot Wings had the pleasure of having Farina on the show as a guest a few years back.  They recall him being a genuinely nice guy that everyone really enjoyed talking to.  Dennis Farina was best known for his roles on Law and Order and his performance in Snatch.

But, to truly remember and honor the man, we need to look at his entire catalog of work.  This catalog includes the extremely hilarious series of Old Style Beer commercials that were shot in the 90's.  Check them out below.

Listen to Free Beer and Hot Wings talk about the late Dennis Farina below.

Our beer is so amazing that after we brew it, we take it all and brew it once more.  Thus, double brew.  So, we doubled the crap...  And you know what happens when you have two negatives?  You have positive.  Thus, Old Style is Chicago's most positively charged beer. - Zane