If you watch golf, have played golf, or have just simply been hit by a rogue ball, you know that golf can actually be a bit dangerous sometimes! If you're this guy and you didn't know that already, you definitely do now!

Over the weekend, Fred Couples was playing in the Masters when he hit a bad ball that required him to yell "FORE!"

For those who don't know, "FORE" is the international golf symbol for "Move the f*** out of the way before you get hit!"

Unfortunately, one bystander didn't get the memo or just didn't realize what was about to hit him and got clocked in the head!

Now if you've ever heard a golf ball hit a hard surface at full speed it makes a nice little knocking sound! It also makes the same sound when the ball makes contact with an actual human's head!

You have to have your speaker volume up pretty high to hear it but once you do it is one of the most cringe-worthy sounds! 
Source: Business Insider



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