Attention beer lovers, the waste that is created while making Founders Beer can now be transformed to create energy and resources.

According to WOOD, Founders Brewery is a regular stop for most live and hang out downtown Grand Rapids. Most of us who stop in for a cold one do not know that there are wastewater pipes that run underground from the brewery to the city's water resource recovery facility.

A biodegester has been built over the past few months to turn that beer waste into energy.

With 60 million gallons of waste water hitting the city water treatment plant every day, the biodegester will take a load off the city water treatment plant and help the city keep up with growth.

The Assistant Superintendent, Brian Vu, at the Water Resource Recovery Facility said, "The biodigestion will produce a bio fuel We'll have a renewable fuel. We plan on cleaning it up to pipeline grade so it could be reused in Compressed Natural Gas stations."

Other materials that get recovered in the process, like phosphorous, will be used to make great fertilizers.

According to the city's website, 60% of the energy created will be used by the WRRF.

Moving forward, the city will add more businesses to the biodegester.

Currently Founders will be the test before other business get added to the program.

The best part is, none of this effects the way the beer is brewed so you Founders fans will have the satisfaction of great beer and knowing the waste will be creating energy.

Now if they could just figure out a hangover cure?


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