Former Detroit Pistons first-round pick and current kickboxer Darko Milicic is back in the headlines, but probably not for the reasons he'd like.

Milicic was recently caught on camera shirtless, singing, and slamming beers in a reception hall somewhere in Eastern Europe.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Milicic is singing with 'turbo folk' singer Baja Mali Knindža, because, why wouldn't he be? He's Darko! He can do whatever he wants.

And, to prove that he can do whatever he wants, Darko decides to share his frosty beverage with the tattooed gentlemen adorning his stomach.

He may not have had the NBA career he would have liked, but that doesn't mean Darko's not still living the life of an NBA superstar.

Don't go changin', Darko. Please.

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