Ford is stepping up big to help with COVID-19 in the U.S.

The auto company teamed with GE Healthcare to make ventilators to help with the demand. In a news release on Monday morning,

Ford will provide its manufacturing capabilities to quickly scale production, and GE Healthcare will provide its clinical expertise...

The ventilator will provide air pressure to patients without the use of electricity.

The ventilator is designed for quick setup, making it easy for healthcare workers to use – and can be deployed in an emergency room setting, during special procedures or in an intensive care unit, wherever the patient may be located.

Ford will begin production by April 20 at their plant in Ypsilanti and expect to have 50,000 ventilators made by July 4th. This should meet the government's goal of 100K ventilators in 100 days.

Courtesy of Ford
Courtesy of Ford

500 UAW volunteers are being paid to take on this role. The president of the UAW assured they will be working with the CDC to follow proper guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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