This is either really cool or scary as hell but a ferret is the first endangered species the United States has been cloned.

From science fiction to reality we have been hearing about the cloning of animals for many years. It has popped up in the news many times over the years when other countries have successfully cloned animals.

According to WOOD, the U.S. has done something pretty amazing by cloning a ferret from another animal that died over 30 years ago. The original animal had been frozen back in the beginning of DNA technology in 1988.

A lab located in Colorado is where the black-footed ferret that was named Elizabeth Ann was born on December 10, 2020 according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

I find this absolutely fascinating that a successful cloning has taken place. Just imagine how many more endangered animals can be helped from extinction.

This ferret isn't the first animal cloned in the U.S., last summer a lab in Texas duplicated a Mongolian wild horse. A company by the name of Viagen is responsible for cloning both the ferret and the horse but have also cloned several dogs and cats.

At one time the black-footed ferrets were thought to be extinct but a rancher located a small population on his land back in 1981 and this help lead to duplicating the ferret.

This technology is amazing to say the least but did you see the movie Jurassic Park? I'm just saying, is there a point where this kind of science could be taken too far? Don't get me wrong it would be cool as hell to go to a dinosaur zoo but what if a t-rex gets out?

Another question I have is, has a human been cloned yet? As amazing as that would be, I sure hope if scientists go down that path they are not cloning politicians. Lol.

Now if we could get someone clone to big giants bucks to turn loose in Michigan and make our hunting a little better.

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