Damn! What a busy night the first GRD Bad Bowlers Round 2 was! Last league we did in 2014 had a decent amount of teams, maybe around 30 or so?

Last night though, the place was packed!

Over 40 teams hit the lanes and filled the place up! Bowlers are sick of the cold weather and so am I! I did my best to make sure I got around to everyone, but sometimes it's just impossible! Don't worry though, I will make sure to get around to you. C'mon, we have like 14 weeks anyway right!

I was happy to see a lot of new faces to the league! There is actually a spot for 2 more teams, so JOIN US by calling 531-BOWL or sign up online at fairlanesgrandville.com! I want every lane to be used!

The first night went off without a hitch, except for the lane next to us. Those guys bowled and a ball got stuck in the return. Like REALLY stuck! The workers had to get pool cues and such to even reach the stuck ball! Check out the picture I took below!

The beer was flowing, the pizza was cooking, and people were just having a good time! It's a lot of fun, so make sure to come out and hang out, or get a team signed up! Whatever comes first!