We have all heard of the black hole for many years in science fiction, and yes its more than a Soundgarden song, and now we have a picture!

According to WOOD, scientists have pulled it off...a sweet photo of a fiery orange and black ring with all the twisting gravity we have heard about on Star Trek.

Scientists went full on with technology and used eight different radio telescopes that are all over the world and took the data to get us a photo of what Albert Einstein  theorized about a century ago.

University of Waterloo physicist Avery Broderick told WOOD-TV8, "Science fiction has become science fact." Wow...that sounds like a t-shirt right there.

One expert even said that the image reminded her of the flaming Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Einstein's theory of relativity looks to be confirmed with the image of the black hole.

My guess is some scientists will be getting a Nobel Prize for this photo.

And for your listening pleasure:



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