Restaurant Week, cocktail week, poutine week...?

Yup, it's actually a thing now in Grand Rapids. From February 19-29th, people can visit the different businesses on Michigan St. and eat as much poutine as you can. With that said, it might be wise to take it day by day.

If you've never had poutine it's French fries with cheese curds and gravy on top so basically carbs galore. It started in Canada but it's become a Midwestern staple throughout the years.

The participating restaurants include:

  • American Legion 459
  • Birch Lodge
  • Bob's Sports Bar
  • Duke's
  • Farah's
  • Friesian Gastro Pub
  • Grand Coney
  • Logan's Alley
  • Maggie's
  • The Omelette Shoppe

Once you've done all your taste testing and your belly is full, you can vote for your favorite here.

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