A fight between a Grand Rapids Police Officer and a larceny suspect was caught on a security camera and video shows a store manager tackling the suspect as he tried to flee the store.

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The incident took place on May 26th and resulted in the officer reporting moderate injuries after he was struck with his own baton during the struggle. While that portion of the altercation wasn't caught on video, you can see the suspect struggling with both the officer and the manager of Wireless Zone, Ronjiv Roy. Ronjiv Roy provided the security footage to Advance Local Media who then uploaded the video to YouTube.

The GRPD's Chief, Eric Payne, released a statement to the media about the incident:

This was a completely unprovoked and egregious assault on one of my officers. The officer responded to a call for service from the community and was met with violence, and that is unacceptable.

The officer who was injured was taken to the hospital and later released. The department has not released the name of the officer but says that he is a 23 year veteran of the force.

The GRPD told the media that the suspect tried unsuccessfully to grab both the officer's firearm and taser, before eventually taking control of the officer's baton and hitting him with it.

The suspect was eventually subdued by another officer who used a taser to end the confrontation. Police say the suspect suffered no injuries and was transported to the Kent County Jail. A store employee told Mlive.com that police found items from the store in the suspect's backpack, including another employee's car keys.

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