Any of you guys ever get set up on a blind date? Any of you guys ever get set up on a blind date with a fat chick? If you have, or think that it could maybe happen to you, I was talking to a couple of guys at the bar last weekend who told me about their "fat chick dating etiquette tips.” I’ll do my best to remember them all, but here are the basics of what they told me.

1- If you’re going out on a date with a fat chick, these guys said avoid all situations where there may only be folding chairs. Because your fat date could break one.

2- When making a reservation at a restaurant, make sure they have tables and not just booths. Because sometimes fat chicks can't get in and out of booths too well, plus, chairs have armrests, and that makes sitting down and getting up easier for fat people.

3- Next thing these guys said was watch out for activities that require a lot of walking or standing, like going to a festival or something. Fat chicks can't walk or stand very well.

4- Don't be afraid to ask your chubby date "is there anything I can help you with?", or "Do you need any special accommodations for you to be more comfortable?" Its not an insult, its more of a polite thing to do.

5- And lastly, at the end of the night, after you have done all those things, don't forget to ask for a hummer! Because you know what they say about fat chicks right? Yea, they give the best,…… well, ……Lets just say it rhymes with Fred!