The Kalamazoo City Commission has approved a settlement to the family of a man who died while he was in police custody back in 2016.

According to Fox 17, the City of Kalamazoo has awarded $810,000 to 57-year-old James Dunigan's family.

The whole incident stems from Dunigan refusing to leave a hospital where he had been treated for a medical condition. Police were called and he was arrested for trespassing and a probation violation.

While Dunigan was in jail, Police say he stopped breathing. The death was ruled an accident, but two Kalamazoo officers were suspended for one day each following the death.

In Federal Court, the judge learned from Medical examiners that Dunigan's death happened due to medical issues that included heart and kidney disease and diabetes. Tests also determined drug use.

Kalamazoo's Public Safety Department said that the officers should have recognized Dunigan's medical condition and helped him receive treatment.


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