Today on Segment 16, the guys check out a Fox 17 story about two families fighting over possession of a service dog. A family raised this dog as a service dog for their autistic daughter, and then the dog was stolen. She's been found, but there's trouble.

The Kolk family had raised and trained Xena to be a service dog to help out their daughter Lilly, who has nonverbal autism. Then, one day, Xena was gone from their yard.

About a year later, they got a lead on their missing pet, and found the family where Xena had been rehomed. Unfortunately, the new family won't return the beloved pet, even to help out Lilly.

It looks like this is going to go to court, and the kids of the new family won't learn any good lessons from this. Probably won't grow up to be good people, either. Sad.

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