UPDATE (12/4/2020): In addition to cleaning the snow off of your front and back windshields, Michigan drivers are required by law to clear snow and ice from their headlights and taillights, according to AutoNoFaultLaw.com.

MCL 257.709 of the Michigan Vehicle Code also states that it is illegal to,

Remove, or cause to be removed, snow, ice, or slush onto or across a roadway or the shoulder of the roadway in a manner which obstructs the safety vision of the driver of a motor vehicle other than off-road vehicles.

ORIGINAL STORY: We’ve all seen that car… it’s been snowing and they’re driving down the road with a huge buildup of snow on top.  Then all of a sudden it all starts blowing off, creating a brief whiteout behind them;  or worse, chunks of ice come flying off their roof, and right at your car.

Did you know that besides it being dangerous, it’s actually illegal here in Michigan?

Yep, Michigan is one of 12 states that can ticket you for not clearing off your car completely.  They cite you for distracted driving, because you become a danger to everyone on the road.

SO, even though it’s cold… and may STILL be snowing, legally you need to take the time to clear your car off completely.

Whatever you do, don’t be like this car and cruise around with the back window almost blocked.  Definitely not safe, but cool points for it looking like a smiley face.

Car in the parking ramp downtown Grand Rapids. Rob Sparks/Townsquare Media
Car in the parking ramp downtown Grand Rapids.
Rob Sparks/Townsquare Media

source: ClickOnDetroit

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