When movie theaters finally re-open, you better believe there will be some changes from when you walk into the lobby, concessions and where you sit while watching the movie.

If you are like my son and I, then you love the movie theater experience. The big screen the surround sound system and of course, the movie theater popcorn and snacks.

My son and I are a big fan of the Celebration Cinema locations in the area. We love the comfortable seats and how great the audio experience is while watching movies.

According to WZZM, to cut down on the amount of surfaces a customer would have to touch, Celebration Cinema are really encouraging movie goers download their app and make all your purchases through the app. Get your tickets, popcorn, etc and this will make the experience safer for you and your family as well as the fine folks that work at the theater.

Celebration Cinema are now waving the online fee of buying tickets because what was once considered a convenience is now considered to be a way of life for the movie business due to the pandemic.

One thing you can count on is there will be less people allowed in the theater and there will be less employees to come in contact with. Plus Celebration are doing higher levels of cleaning to maintain patrons safety plus following all CDC guidelines as well as any health demands public officials.

Celebration Cinemas are looking at possibly re-opening their doors in July with some big releases as well as some old favorites you may have never seen on the big screen.

Most folks right now are watching movies at home from a variety of streaming services but there is nothing like movie theater popcorn to really add to movie experience whether it be at the theater or in your very own home. Good news because there are two locations where you can get curbside service with some good 'ol movie theater popcorn at Studio Park and Celebration Cinema North. There are also two ways to make your corn order, you can call the theater directly or order on Uber Eats.

So get that Celebration Cinema app and get familiar with it so when movies return you are ready for that theater experience.

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