If you’re wanting to go see the ‘Christmas Lites Show’ at the Fifth Third Ballpark this year, just know that in a year where we can’t do much, this has become the thing everyone seems to be doing this year.
WOODTV talked with Bill Schrader who created the ‘Christmas Lites Show’ twenty-two years ago as a simple display powered by generators. This year, just on a Friday night, he expects to see around 1,000 vehicles pass through the light show. He told WOODTV that people have been waiting up to a couple of hours to drive through the 50 animated displays and more than 1 million lights that make up the ‘Christmas Lite Show’.
The number of people going has led the Kent County Sheriff’s Office to monitor traffic along 131 and having to shut down the West River Drive exit from time to time at night.
According to WOODTV, there are detours set up when the ramp is closed, which are,

Northbound: Take exit 95 onto Post Drive; turn right onto Post Drive; turn right onto Samrick Avenue; turn right onto West River Drive.

Southbound: Take exit 88 onto Ann Street; turn right onto Ann Street; turn right onto Turner Avenue, turn right onto West River Drive.

If you want to attend the ‘Christmas Lites Show’ at Fifth Third Ballpark, the show is open daily starting at 5:30 pm with gates closing at 9:30 pm during the week and 10 pm on the weekend. Tickets to drive through the light show is $25 per car and you can order tickets HERE.

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