General Motors says by 2035 the goal is have the majority of their lineup of vehicles to be electric.

That is a pretty big goal but it is about time one of the big automaker sets a date. GM have went a step further saying they hope to have all their factories carbon neutral by 2040.

Now if they could just find a way to make the cost of new vehicles cheaper and talk Michigan insurance companies to drop their rates...all would be perfect.

According to WOOD, GM is investing heavily in electric and autonomous vehicles over the next five years. They say they will launch 30 different electric models to choose from sometime in the next 10 years alone. 40% of the U.S. models will be electric by 2025.

It is not just cars that GM will have running off batteries, they are ramping up on their crossovers, sedans, SUVS and trucks.

If you use a truck in the workforce, lookout because GM has plans for making light-duty trucks that are fully electric over the next 14 years.

General Motors are so determined to run a clean operation they recently trashed their old logo for one that has a lower case gm that is surround by rounded corners and the 'm' is in the shape of an electrical plug.

I am all for the change from gasoline to electric vehicles. As long as I can drive the speed limit and get to work, I'm good...especially if I'm saving money.

Look out Tesla...GM is about to electrify the vehicle world.

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