A drug dealer and his dog fighting ring have been broken up in Flint, MIchigan.

According to MLive, 25-year-old Marquel Holmes of Flint, has been charged in the drug dealing of cocaine, fentanyl and heroin. He is also charged with dog fighting, possession of dog fighting gear and cruelty to animals.

In one of the two raids, 24 pit bulls were rescued and 7 of those were just puppies.

The Genesee County Animal Control center managed to get the puppies adopted but unfortunately 3 of the adult dogs were so aggressive they had to be euthanized. Animal control will try and rehabilitate the remaining dogs.

When authorities found the dogs they were in bad condition with scars and bite marks all over the bodies. All the dogs were malnourished and covered in scars from previous fights.

County prosecutor David Leyton said, "we have had a number of cases over the years of dog fighting. It's very very sad when we see it, the dogs are always really badly injured and malnourished. It's just a terrible thing, and I want the public to know that the brave officers of FANG put their lives on the line and wrote this up and took this off the street and saved these animals."

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