This guy could certainly be up for the award of d-bag of the week. Its another one from the Bud Light bar stool, a great place where I hear all kinds of fun stories! A 49 year old guy named Nathan Pugh walks into a Wells Fargo bank just north of Dallas and he's carrying a white bag and wearing a ski mask. He walks up to the teller and hands her a note that says, "there is a bomb in this bag, give me all the money", only he spelled Bomb, BOM. (that’s not how you spell bomb by the way)

So the teller agrees, only she figures since this guy can't spell correctly, he's probably a little stupid and as she's gathering up the money, she tells him that before she can give him the money she will need to see two forms of I.D. And guess what the guy did? Hahaha! Yep, he said no problem, and handed over his debit card and his Texas State I.D card! So the teller made a quick copy, handed the guy $900 and out the door he went, and 30 minutes later cops showed up at his house and arrested him!

What a freaking douche bag! And just FYI- if you’re planning on robbing a bank anytime soon and the teller asks you for I.D., you don’t have to show it to her, remember, it’s a robbery!

This has been another edition of Dahmer's 'From The Bud Light Barstool.'