Honestly, is there anything worse than someone whose official job is "YouTube star?" Nope, definitely not.  And this guy, Jake Paul, is no exception.

Paul has a huge social media following of over 8 million people because of his wacky stunts and nutty antics. He's annoying, loud, and seemingly the worst neighbor ever. And he doesn't seem to make any attempt to hide his address, as his fans (the Jake Paulers, as they're called) are always outside of his West Hollywood home.  And this has caused quite the problem with his neighbors.

Paul's neighbors aren't happy about the fact that there are people in front of the house around the clock. They don't appreciate the noise, and they sure as hell don't approve of him burning mattresses in an empty pool, which he did recently. Bottom line, they want him gone and are determined to make that happen.

They are planning to meet next week to file a class action public nuisance lawsuit against Jake. Hopefully this will cause him to dial it back a bit, but probably not. He's a bro. Bros don't learn.

Check out Paul's annoying interview with KTLA below, in which he does nothing to hide the fact that he's a major douche that only preteens would find amusing!

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