All across Michigan, there are men, women, and children that set up shop in high-traffic areas and show of there amazing talents by singing a song, strumming the guitar, or banging out an impressive beat on the drums.

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But now a popular scam that's been happening across the country has made its way to Michigan. With the violin scam, nobody is getting their identity stolen but you are being tricked out of your hard-earned money.

The Violin Scam Makes Its Way To Michigan

If you haven't heard of the Violin scam you're not alone. It's been going on for a few years and recently I've been seeing it more and more in Michigan.

How Does The Violin Scam Work

Men, women, and even children pose as fake violin players who ask people walking by for money, these con artists pretend to need cash for things like rent, medical bills, and to take care of their family.  According to Orlando Sentinal, these con artists typically set up in shopping center parking lots with signs asking for money.

What's The Big Deal About The Violin Scam

I know some people will say "What's the big deal? nobody's getting hurt" and while that might true these con artists are still pulling on people's heartstrings and taking their hard-earned money. They are also taking away from people that are actually talented musicians and spent countless hours learning how to play and perform. And to me, the worst part is some of these people are ok with using their children to do this.

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