The other day I saw on Buzzfeed that a lady had taped out a square on her floor and her cat found it and started laying in it.  Then through the article, many other people said “oh yeah, it’s true… it works!”


So I decided I wanted to check this out.

The “science” to this, according to John Bradshaw, a noted cat scientist (wouldn’t you be super proud to tell your friends that your kid is a “cat scientist”… not the same ring as “rocket scientist”) is that it’s new territory for the cat to check out.

From the Buzzfeed article with John:

"The cat may be interpreting it as 'Here's a place on the floor that doesn't smell like it did five minutes ago; I'll go and sit down and see what happens.'"


Ok, I’m hooked and want to try this, but I’m also convinced this is not a universal thing cats do; especially mine. So I grab some painter’s tape, waited for my cat to be lounging around (which is almost ALL the time) and made a square…

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