Today was fun. About 6:30pm, the fire alarm started going off in our building. My first thought? "Crap! I have a break coming up, I can't leave!"

Josh, from our sister station, Channel 95-7, came to my studio and asked what we should do.

Most people don't have any hesitation when a fire alarm goes off. You are all much smarter than we are. You get the hell out of the building! You stop what you're doing, go down the stairs, and wait outside for the firefighters to do their jobs.

Not us, we mill around, worried about the music, and the breaks coming up. THEN, after I chased everyone else out of the building, I make sure GRD is still fine, and then I walk down the hall, shooting video so you can hear how crazy and Satanic our fire alarm instructions sound from the ceiling. It sounds like Lucifer is trying to entice me to evil or something.

Then, to top it all off, I GET IN THE DAMN ELEVATOR!

I don't have a brain in my head. DO NOT FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE. Seriously, I don't have the skills of a first grader, who knows what to do in a fire alarm. DJs are not competent to make decisions, especially in real life, or life-and-death situations. Please remember this, in case some situation more complicated than choosing lunch comes up. Don't ask the DJ what to do.

By the way, I'm back up, all is well, and the firefighters are gone. Back to work!