Multiple emergency response agencies across Michigan are reporting issues with 911.

They say the outage is statewide.

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At this time we don't know what is causing the outage.

Residents are encouraged to use agency's non-emergency numbers until the issue is resolved. In Grand Rapids, that number is 616-456-3444

The Grand Rapids Police Department shared news of the outage to Facebook around 4:30p.m. on Tuesday.

Ottawa County Dispatch Authority shared a similar notice, saying residents should call 1-800-249-0911.

Additional numbers to call in case of emergency, and in some areas you can still text 911:

  • Calhoun County - 517-293-3911, or text 911
  • Newaygo County - 231-689-5288
  • Mason and Oceana Counties - 231-869-5858
  • Allegan County 269-673-3899
  • Barry County 269-948-4800 option 1 or text 911
  • Muskegon County 231-332-6616 or text 911
  • Van Buren County 269-657-3101 or text 911

Some regions seem not be affected, as the MSP Second District Post shared that Detroit Regional Communication Center is not currently experiencing any issues. 

It appears the issues with 911 began around 4p.m. on Tuesday, January 10, 2022.

As of 5p.m. on Tuesday, some regions of Michigan reported that 911 service had been restored, such as Grand Traverse County and St. Clair County:

This is a developing story. 

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