Tuesday night, Disturbed, Rob Zombie, and Pop Evil rolled into Grand Rapids at the Van Andel Arena, and proceeded to tear the freaking roof off the building! Rob Zombie had everyone screaming and singing along, and then Disturbed came along and set fire to everything that was left.

Kicking off a set very similar to what they played at the Orbit Room earlier this year, the band took it all up about a hundred notches, with an amazing show, lots of fire, and great sound. So many songs had fire blasting from the stage that you could feel all the way at the back of the arena.

The sound was really good...and the sound guy didn't forget to turn on the drums during "The Sound of Silence".

Everyone was singing along, lighting up their phone and lighters on command, and making the whole building shake with ten thousand actual fists in the air during the show.

Not kidding...there were about ten thousand people there.

Enjoy the videos, and don't miss the show the next time they're coming through town!