As Disturbed unleashes their latest album Divisive on the world, guitarist Dan Donegan is explaining why he decided to imprint "Fuck Cancel Culture" on his guitar. He spoke with Loudwire Weekends host Todd Fooks in an interview to be aired tomorrow (Saturday Nov. 19) saying, "everybody just gets butt hurt, that's not for me."

The guitar, which Disturbed vocalist David Draiman praised on Twitter, is a mock up of the old Coca-Cola logo, with Cancel-Culture taking the place of the soda name, and "Fuck" right above it. Donegan says he finds the whole concept of cancel culture "comical" and shares a couple of examples why.

"I think Bill Burr, the comedian, (was talking) about how people wanted to cancel (legendary western actor) John Wayne, for something he said in an interview in 1971, or something. The guy (is) dead, and the magazine dosen't even exist anymore and they still wanna (cancel him)," says Donegan. "It's just so frustrating and comical at the same time to me."

He also brings up the years-old flap over the classic holiday song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Donegan remembers when that song was under fire for it's lyrics being suggestive of sexual harassment or even date rape. "And at the same time (that was happening,) (Cardi B) had the song Wet Ass Pussy (WAP) at No. 1 in the country... and I was like, that's a little hypocritical. You know? Cancel one song because they thought it might suggest some innuendos in the song of forcing yourself on a woman because it's cold outside and he's not gonna leave in a snowstorm. But on the other hand, she could sing about Wet Ass Pussy and it's the No. 1 song in the country. I just don't get the whole contradiction of that."

Donegan says he believes in freedom of speech. "If I don't like (the song) I don't have to listen to it," he says. "Everybody gets butt hurt and offended, that's not for me... I think it's ok to have a difference of opinions, enough of the temper tantrums."

He says Disturbed's latest album, Divisive — out today (Nov. 18) — addresses this rift in society. "(The album) is more of wake up call for (people) to stop focusing on the things we disagree on and separate us, and to maybe try and find that common ground again." David Draiman has echoed Donegan's words, stating that "Our society has become addicted to outrage... Music is the best cure for what ails us."

Donegan veers away from cancel culture in the interview and shares his excitement about the new record and what Disturbed fan's can expect from it. He says that he's pumped about the duet that Draiman has with Ann Wilson of Heart on the song "Don't Tell Me." "It was just such a cool moment, watching her work out the melodies in the studio. I was like, 'Wow did that just fucking happen?'" Donegan also hints that a Disturbed tour announcement is in the works and is hopeful the band can announce something official soon.

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