You’ve already seen the David Draiman edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ and now we’ve got Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan to prove and disprove what’s written on Wikipedia.

The funniest entry on Donegan’s personal Wiki page was from his days as a construction worker. While laboring for his father, Donegan refused to cut his long hair, so to keep his gig, the musician wore a wig to conceal his lengthy locks… for four years.

“Once my dad figured it out, after a long period of time, that I fooled him, then he realized my commitment to my music and my band,” Donegan says. “He had to kind of laugh … The entire company; nobody had a clue. My hair was almost down to my waist at that point. I actually have old pictures of me at Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner and I’m there wearing a short-hair wig fooling everybody.”

It’s untrue, however, that Disturbed’s longtime mascot (The Guy) is considered the embodiment of Archangel the Destroyer and was once called ‘Spirit of Vengeance.’ The Guy also doesn’t “have dark magic around his face.” Despite this, The Guy took off immediately with fans. Some even got the mascot tattooed on their skin while Disturbed was just a local, unsigned band.

Watch ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ with Disturbed’s Dan Donegan in the video above. For Disturbed’s full list of upcoming U.S. tour dates, click here.

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