Disturbed lead singer David Draiman "couldn't be more proud" of his bandmate Dan Donegan's new Fuck Cancel Culture guitar. That's what it says on the instrument — "Fuck Cancel Culture."

Actually, to be exact, it's formatted as "Fuck Cancel-Culture." That's because the anti-cancel culture message on the Disturbed guitarist's expressive red axe is stylized in the manner of the classic Coca-Cola wordmark and slogan. Draiman showed it off to social media on Wednesday (July 6). See below.

But what really is cancel culture? AP News deems the term a "buzzword that creates more confusion than clarity" before describing it as "a mechanism where a chorus of voices, amplified on social media, tries to silence a point of view that they find offensive by trying to damage or destroy the reputation of the person who has given offense."

Dictionary.com calls it "the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive."

Either way, Disturbed are clearly against it. For Donegan, having such a sentiment emblazoned on his instrument makes that much clear. And Draiman often publicly upholds artists' freedom of expression. In April, he came to the defense of Lil Nas X after a conservative TV host seemed to criticize a midriff-exposing performance from the popular hip-hop artist.

That same month, Disturbed appeared to have completed their eighth studio album and follow-up to their 2018 effort, Evolution, in a photo that Draiman reportedly posted but subsequently deleted online.

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