Metalhead Ned is going to be hanging out at Meijer tonight at Knapp's for the midnight launch of the new Star Wars toys, one of which is a new drone, in the shape of the Millennium Falcon! Hell yeah!

I want one!

If it carries a GoPro, I'm totally getting one. Can you believe how cool that is? I'd fly that thing all over the area, getting aerial video of...well, probably stupid stuff...but that's not the point! It's a Millennium Falcon DRONE!

Kids today have no idea how much cooler their toys are now than our were. We were glad if the arms and legs moved a little on our toys. Now they have cool drones, and BB-8 robots drive around with their phones! We had 8-bit games, they have virtual reality headset games.

It's not fair. I'm going to go mope in the corner until I can buy the drone. Leave me alone.