Drive-in movie theatres have been a staple in America and Michigan for the past 50 plus years. It's a great way to get out of the house with the entire family and enjoy a movie, without having to worry about the stress of staying quiet or sharing space with strangers.

A parked car at a drive-in movie theater.

And while it's great to pile into a car with a few of your friends to see whatever double feature suits your fancy, wouldn't it be cool if you could invite up to 500 of your favorite people to see the same movie together?


The Getty Drive-In in Muskegon offers late season screen rentals, giving you the chance to host your own drive in movie experience without having to worry about building it yourself.

How do I rent a screen at the Getty?

In order to rent a screen at the Getty Drive-in in Muskegon, you just have to contact the Celebration Cinema group sales department, and they will happily guide you through the process and help you select your date.

The Getty Drive In, Muskegon
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Private screen rentals are available from August 15th through October 30th, so you have a wide window of time to find a date that works best for your event.

Can I pick the movie that shows?

While you can't pick any movie on the planet, Celebration Cinema does have a few movies they can offer to show for your event, depending on when you schedule and what the setting you're planning to set is. So, no you can't bring a DVD from home, but you will have something awesome available for your event.

6. The Smell of Popcorn
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After finding this out, to be honest, I'm plotting what my dream double feature would be. Right now, I'm thinking I'd do a Godzilla And Marvel night and show two of my favorites:

What about you? Stop dreaming- you too can rent a screen and live your best life.

What happens if it rains on the day I reserve?

While the screens are outside- that's the great part about the drive in, your car is still going to keep you dry! The movies still show unless there is a bigger storm or thunderstorm that would cause any sort of danger to moviegoers. If that happens, you'll be able to work with Celebration Cinema to figure out an optimal solution.

Learn more on their website, and live your best life. Also if my bosses are reading this: yes, we'd love a company outing to see a movie.

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