It's been quite a while since I've seen Devildriver live, and with Holy Grail also on the bill at the Stache Wednesday night, I have been looking forward to this show for a while! Sadly, I missed the other bands Incite, Hemlock, and local metallers SkinJacket. But as I walked in, Holy Grail was setting up and getting ready to play.

After Holy Grail cranked up their thrashy shred metal for the crowd, there was about an hour break for changeover, while we all got to rock with Pantera's greatest hits.

Then, about 10:15 p.m., Devildriver hit the stage with "End of the Line" and the pit got nutty. Dez got everyone into a frenzy, and then after the first song, there was some discussion about what to play next. Dez told the crowd that they were preparing for another tour, and were playing around with the set a bit.

They decided to launch right into "Dead to Rights", earlier than planned, but the crowd didn't mind... the insanity had begun.

They kept the energy going all night, and the crowd kept the pit rolling right along with it. So much craziness, and a lot of fun, especially for a Wednesday night!

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