Detroit Lions fans like myself are still on cloud nine after our former franchise QB Matthew Stafford was traded to the L.A. Rams and won a Super Bowl last. It almost felt like the Lions were World Champions

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Will the Detroit Lions Be Super Bowl 2023 Champs? Probably not, but we're getting a sneak peek into what Head Coach Dan Campbell and his staff have been working on to try and turn things around in the Motor City with the Hard Knocks trailer that was released on Saturday.

The Detroit Lions Are On The 2022 Season Of Hard Knocks


Maybe you've heard of the show "Hard Knocks" but you don't what it's all about. Well according to Made in conjunction with NFL Films, HBO’s Hard Knocks gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on during NFL training camps.

Why Are The Detroit Lions On This Season Of Hard Knocks?

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
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Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press spoke with ‘Hard Knocks’ director Shannon Furman about why the Detroit Lions were the choice for the 2022 season.

 “I think everybody knows kind of the rules at this point too, like, if we force someone. We don’t like to force anyone. But there was some interest from both the Lions and the Jets, I think, which were the two teams that were on the list this year. But there was a mutual agreement, the Lions kind of reached out, we were on board. Whenever anyone seems like they’re on board and wants to do it, we want to do it.”

What NFL Teams Have Been On Hard Knocks?

2006 NFL Draft
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2001 - Baltimore Ravens
2002 - Dallas Cowboys
2007 - Kansas City Chiefs
2008 - Dallas Cowboys
2009 - Cincinnati Bengals
2010 - New York Jets
2012 - Miami Dolphins
2013 - Cincinnati Bengals
2014 - Atlanta Falcons
2015 - Houston Texans
2016 - Los Angeles Rams
2017 - Tamp Bay Buccaneers
2018 - Clevland Browns
2019 - Oakland Raiders
2020 -  Los Angeles Rams and Los Angels Chargers
2021 - Dallas Cowboys
2021 - Indianapolis Colts
2022 - Detroit Lions

How Can You Watch The Detroit Lions On Hard Knocks?

'Hard Knocks' premieres Tuesday, August 9 on HBO and HBO Max.

Watch The 'Hard Knocks' Detroit Lions trailer

Credit: HBO Hard Knocks via Facebook
Credit: HBO Hard Knocks via Facebook

Check out the trailer below.

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