While fans at Sunday's game between the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears weren't treated to a great game of football, they did get to see a fan rush the field wearing a gorilla suit and an 'All Lives Matter' t-shirt.

The fan, who was also wearing an orange beanie, halted the game for quite some time. Ultimately, he/she slipped and fell in front of the Lions' sideline, ending what was probably the most exciting moment of the game.

Nik Gaur caught all of the action on his phone and posted the video to Twitter, which you can see below:

According to Uproxx, the gorilla-suited field rusher has not been identified and there is no word yet on what happened after he/she was escorted off the field.

One thing's for sure, though: if it wasn't for this field-rushing fan, this game would have been infinitely worse for all in attendance.

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