UPDATE: Grand Rapids police are investigating a body found this morning (Monday) in a faculty and staff parking lot in the downtown Grand Rapids campus of Grand Valley State University.  Police told 24 Hour News 8 that a GVSU security officer found a body in a car of the DeVos Parking Lot.

The body was identified as a student of Grand Rapids Community College.  The student was said to have been in the GVSU computer lab Sunday night and that he had been researching symptoms of heart attacks online.

After the student left the GVSU computer lab, he was said to have gotten back into his car.  Police are estimating that he died sometime overnight from natural causes.

We have just received a tip that police have just closed off the faculty and staff parking lot at the GVSU DeVos Center after finding a body in a parked vehicle. We don't have any other information as of right now except the body has been removed from the premises and police are currently investigating the situation. The parking lot is closed off until further notice, if we get any more information it will be posted immediately.

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