Beginning Wednesday, cyberbullying will be against the law in Michigan.
According to WZZM, if you plan to bully someone online you may get busted by the po po. A new law kicks off Wednesday making it illegal to bully someone online and if you are deemed a repeat offender you could face prison time.
A former Rockford, Michigan student, Rebekah Cutler, told WZZM that she knows what its like to be bullied online:

I think I was a sophomore, I had no clue who this person was. I didn't even know the person's name, they just picked me randomly.

This person was going on my Facebook, commenting very harsh things on my photos and taking a screenshot with their computer and posting it on a website that was pretty much devoted to saying terrible things about me.

The new Michigan law should slow down the bullying and hopefully get people who are being bullied online to come forward now that there can be significant punishment given to whose who break the law.

Check out the full interview with Cutler from WZZM here. 


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