Okay, so the lil guy didn't technically steal the GoPro, but he did run off with it when he got his hands on it. He then started licking the lens and pointing the camera at himself for some great close ups selfie video.

He's a cute lil bugger, looks almost like a Muppet! About 2 minutes in, when the funny lil guy bites at the lens, you get a great close up shot where you can see him looking like a Muppet, it's great!

The guy did get his camera back, and posted the footage. But this brings up the question...does the monkey own the video footage? This was brought up in court a while back when a monkey took a photo with a guy's camera, and then the guy was taken to court by some animal rights activists who claimed all the revenue generated by the photo should belong to the monkey.

The judge in the case wussed out, and claimed that it was a decision for Congress and the President, but didn't think monkeys could own the rights to their selfies. Check out the story on THAT silliness here.

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