They thought he was just a nice old guy running an illegal tanning salon out of his barn, not a creepy old pervert who films young girls naked from behind a one way mirror! Some girls actually thought that. Drinking during the Red Wings game a couple nights ago this story came up. The entire set up of this operation seems creepy to me, but a 47 year old farmer from Stark Florida was running an illegal coin operated tanning salon out of his barn.

Yea young chicks would show up, walk into the guys barn, drop $2 worth of quarters into the guys tanning bed, take off their clothes, then tan for 20 minutes. Sounds like a good deal right? $2 for 20 minutes? Well, that’s not all that was happening, this creepy old farmer had set up a one way mirror in the little room where the chicks tanned and when they took off their clothes the creepy old farmer would be standing behind the one way mirror, filming the little girls! (and doing who knows what else)

I guess one of the chicks got a little suspicious and called the cops and when cops showed up to investigate, sure enough they find the one way mirror, find the video camera, and find hundreds and hundreds of videos of naked chicks tanning! Apparently this creepy farmer guy had been running this illegal tanning salon out of his barn for over 10 years. The creepy farmer told the cops, he was old and ugly and pretty women wanted nothing to do with him so he just filmed the pretty young girls and masturbated to the videos and they were strictly for his own personal use and he did not ever sell any of them.


I guess cops thought he might have been selling the videos. Creepy farmer was arrested and charged with manufacturing pornography, and voyeurism, but think about it girls, you got to a tanning salon in the middle of the woods in a barn run by some creepy old farmer guy? How could something creepy not be going on there?

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