Stuck in a perfume/ cologne rut? There's a new store downtown Grand Rapids where you can create your own custom fragrance!

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As a person who's basically worn the same scent for the past decade, sometimes I think it *might* be time to switch it up... so I love this idea!

The Aroma Labs is now open at 76 Monroe Center St. NW downtown Grand Rapids.

The new shop is described as "a unique, creative, gender neutral experience that allows the community an opportunity to develop their own custom fragrances. For both personal and business, groups and gatherings."

With another location at 352 S. Kalamazoo Mall, in Kalamazoo, The Aroma Labs was created by entrepreneur Tanya Thompson. The concept was inspired by her personal experience, her 15-year career as a bartender, and her passion for fragrance and mixology.

Mentored by perfume expert and founder of Aroma Workshop in Chicago, Tedd Neenan, Thompson is continuing to develop her perfumery education through coursework and travel.

Creating a signature fragrance for a business isn't something I'd thought about before! But it makes sense, I mean, scents tell a story, they stick with us.

Here's how The Aroma Labs describes their work with businesses,

The sense of smell works on a sub-conscious level. Aromas have the ability to integrate with customers by creating an emotional connection, which in turn cultivates brand loyalty, inspires consumer spending and a whole host of other benefits to a companies bottom line, including improved brand recognition, extended customer linger time, increased sales and much more. Proper scent marketing provides a memorable experience for consumers who follow any brand. The Aroma Labs will collaborate with your brand to develop your own custom fragrance products.

As far as what kind of products you can create for yourself or your business, The Aroma Labs offers candles, lotions, room diffusers, car fragrances, roller bottles, and more.

The new store downtown Grand Rapids is open Wednesday through Thursday 2p.m. to 7p.m., Friday and Saturday 11a.m. to 8p.m., and Sunday 2p.m. to 7p.m.

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