What would you do if you found out that your child was being sexually abused? You'd go balistic, right?  That's exactly what happened when parents found out that their 13-year-old daughter had been sexually abused by someone close to them.

After going to the police and finding out that there was really nothing that could be done without some hard evidence, the father decide to set up a sting to catch the creep the act. He texted him from his daughter's phone, saying that she would need a ride somewhere while her parents were away. In the text, "she" said that she was going to take a shower and to pick her up in 15 minutes. The father then hid in the house and waited for the guy to arrive.

Instead of waiting in the driveway or ringing the doorbell and waiting outside, the molester instead came in the house, went upstairs to the bathroom where he thought the girl would be showering, and pulled back the shower curtain. That's when Dad came out of hiding, confronted his former friend, and proceeded to beat the hell out of him.

The evidence gathered by the father was used against this creep in court, where a jury found him guilty of a number of crimes and sentenced him to 55 years in prison. In our opinion, that's not nearly enough.

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