In Marietta, Ohio, a woman was arrested for beating her husband up, and knocking him out with a mini baseball bat, all because he didn't get her a Valentine's gift. She'd probably told him "she didn't want anything" and he "didn't need to do anything special" for Valentine's Day. Does anyone still believe that lie?

So, 46-year-old Kimberly Hammond decided to get seriously drunk (she blew a .221 on the breathalyzer test), and beat the living HELL out of her husband. When she grabbed the mini baseball bat and tried to hit one over the green monster, the cops were called.

Apparently, she did all this in front of someone else, who totally tattled on her to the police.

The cops took her to jail, and maybe the guy got what HE really wanted for Valentine's Day: a night away from his crazy-ass freaking wife!

Seems like a bit of an extreme length to go to, but maybe he was at the end of his rope.

Would you take a beating to get a little peace and quiet?

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