If you are not careful, your big game party could become a super spreader event.

A lot of families and groups of friends have long traditions of watching the Super Bowl and having a party with a large group of people. With COVID-19 and these new strains of the virus, this is probably not a good idea to go big at your party.

According to WOOD, Dr. Anthony Fauci says when it comes to Super Bowl parties during the pandemic, people should "just lay low and cool it."

Laying low is great advice and even keeping the number of guests to a minimum if any at all.

You may want to stick to just the people you have in your house or ones you know are safe that are in your current bubble. I know all about bubbles after hosting a snowmobile party last weekend with a couple family members. Everyone who was there had recently been tested to be on the safe side.

We even added two more people to the bubble this past weekend at my house but both were tested and received results before coming to my house. This may seem extreme but I and a couple of my family members have been very strict with who we come in contact with ever since the pandemic began in the U.S. last March. That being said, that doesn't mean the virus wasn't already in America months before March.

Make sure if you must have a person over, it is someone you have contact on a regular basis. Don't invite people over you have had limited contact with if any, that can be a huge risk and in these times, its not rude to slim down your house guests, people understand, and if they don't, you don't want them at your house anyway.

Some suggestions would be to have small individual bowls chips and snacks can be dumped in with no hands touching anything that will be eaten until the person who is actually going to eat it.

If someone is serving food for the others at your event, that person should be wearing gloves and a mask and never physically touch any of the food with their bare hands.

Another idea would be to have each guest fend for themselves with their own food and snacks that they only handle.

Make sure and keep some space with your guest by maybe watching the game in a garage, pole barn or basement, you know, somewhere there is a lot of space and access to fresh air.

We have already seen what has happened at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve, all these events that were at people's homes led to the largest numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths this whole pandemic. Do you really want to ad the Super Bowl to this?

My party is going to be very safe and simple since it will be my older son and I watching the game and that is it. Sure I might be texting and messaging some of my family and friends but this is a lot safer than 25 people at my home with a few guests that I don't know that well.

Even Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, where the Super Bowl will be played are only letting in 22,000 people attend the game socially distanced around an arena that holds just under 66,000 people.

Ask yourself is watching a game worth the consequence if you are wrong about one of your guests.

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