It was less than a year ago when a new puppy boutique sparked outrage and protests across West Michigan. So much so, two of its contracts were terminated.

The Barking Boutique, which sells purebred and designer dogs for up to $4,000, was originally supposed to be at the Lakes Mall in Norton Shores but that plan had fell through and instead opened at the Woodland Mall in Kentwood. Their stay at Woodland was short-lived, when after a week, they announced that they would be parting ways with the boutique after many people in the community expressed their concerns.

Less than a year later, the owner of the Barking Boutique has found a new place for his store and will be opening it this spring, according to MLive. The new location is in Downtown Grandville and expected to open sometime between April and May.

The owner says that he is being "lumped with unlicensed puppy mills" and all of the puppies he's selling come from licensed breeders.

An online petition with almost 3,500 signatures is against the Barking Boutique and states that "reputable breeders never sell to pet stores." MLive says that animal activists will be at tonight's (Monday) city council meeting showing their opposition and hoping to stop the puppy store from opening its doors.

However, there's a good chance that this third location for the Barking Boutique will stay open because the owner:

...was careful to make sure the lease agreement doesn't have any loopholes that will let the landlord cancel it under threat of protests or boycotts..."

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