People call 911 for dumb reasons all the time. Your kid won't clean his room? Sounds like an emergency. Burger King gave you the wrong burger? Better dial 911 pronto.

This guy though. He called 999 (Great Britain's 911) to report a shooting. In a video game.

According to the Mirror, David Helens, 25, made a frantic call to 911, saying his friend Max had been shot in the chest and was bleeding badly.

Helens rambled on for 12 minutes, describing the terrible scene. He then started screaming himself, claiming he was being attacked by an unknown assailant.

The dispatcher on the other end sent out two ambulances. The emergency personnel found no dead bodies and one idiot who had been playing the game Grand Theft Auto.

Helens was arrested and has been convicted of making a malicious 999 call.

Helen's lawyer says he was "confused".

Yeah, I'd say so.

His lawyer also said, "He tells me that he has very little recollection of the phone call."

Helens was sentenced to 120 hours of community service. Feel like maybe they should have also handed down a serious "time out" from video games.