Comstock Park High School was placed on "soft" lockdown around 12:45p.m. on Thursday due to a report of an allegedly suicidal person nearby.

WZZM-13 reports that students continued with classes, but were not allowed to leave the building and visitors were not allowed in.

According to a release from the Kent County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to the area of Division and 6 Mile for a 28 year old male who was reportedly suicidal.

Before police arrived, the subject fled on foot with a knife.

Due to the close proximity to Comstock Park High School, the school was notified and lockdown protocols were followed.


Police were unable to locate the subject, but say he later contacted them and claimed to not be suicidal.

They do not believe the subject is a danger to the public at this time. Kent County Sheriff's office says the investigation is ongoing.

Students at Comstock Park High School were released at the normal time, with police on the scene to ensure their safety.

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