Early Thursday morning Comstock High School Principal David Kirksey released a statement on Facebook informing everyone that the two remaining football games for the season were canceled.

people are speculating and sharing their thoughts on the announcement.
You can check out the announcement and reactions below.

Danielle H said

Very disappointed in Comstock. Cannot believe that you guys are ending the season like this. Not giving the team and the seniors their last 2 games. All of this was handled wrong. Proud of the team for standing up for themselves. Shame on Comstock for their way of handling it.

Mike G said

There was probably not one thought of any of the seniors that played and if there was nobody cared horrible way to end a football season and career good thing some might get to play in college but for those who don't why not give the varsity team to Trent Shafer he's more than qualified to coach the varsity team overall poor decision making

Peg H said

So sad, has to be a assistant coach, to take over for last games. These kids have lost so much due to Covid, learning on-line now this. When life throws a punch, you don't throw in the towel, you come back with the fight of what is Good for all.

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Sherri R asked

What is the reasoning behind this decision?

Comstock High School Responded by saying

Per the athletic director: "We had 14 eligible players last night at practice, and after extensive communication with my interim staff, they did not feel we could compete safely with our current personnel."

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