7-year-old Dre Rose is a tough kid who's been battling follicular lymphoma.

After going through chemotherapy Dre's been in remission for the past year and while he was healthy his mom reached out to Make-A-Wish Michigan to see if Dre could live out his dream of becoming a police officer.

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Dre's Make-A-Wish dream become a reality!

Seven-year-old Dremony 'Dre' got his wish to be a police officer for a day at the Hastings City Police Department.

Dre, who is currently in treatment for lymphoma at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital got a tour of the station, along with his very own uniform complete with a hat, handcuffs, and a utility belt. After a swearing-in ceremony, he radioed into dispatch that he was on duty. Dre then toured the Department of Public Works and arrested his brother and grandfather during that tour. He then gave a traffic ticket to another officer during a low-speed chase, before heading over for a tour of the Barry County Dispatch Department.

Dre told WOOD-TV8< some of the rules he would like to instate as an officer include< a>, “no saying bad words” and “being good to your mom.” He says his first order of business will be getting bad guys.

7 Year-Old Dre Becomes Honorary Hastings Police Officer

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