Michigan is an amazing state for a lot of reasons but one of my favorite things is its shape.

The Great Lakes state looks like a mitten, glove, or a hand, and the best part of its shape is being able to raise your right hand and using your left to point out where you're from. The state of Ohio can't do that!

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I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw something that immediately caught my eye and reminded me of the great state of Michigan. It was this post from Wood TV 8 Chief Meteorologist Ellen Bacca.

A lot of people enjoyed the Michigan shaped piece of chicken

-John I. had some fun when he commented "From Chef Meteorologist Ellen Bacca!"

-Richard F. felt like the picture was missing something when he said
"Well, it's half of Michigan. The only state you can show half of it."

-Jared W. compared the piece of grilled chicken to winter - "Looks dry, hopefully winter is"

-Brenda R. said - "Made in Michigan"

-Trisha M. said - "God would most certainly give you a mitten chicken breast!"

Call me crazy but I have an idea!

I'm not sure if Ellen ate that piece of chicken or not but if she didn't she might want to consider taking that picture and throwing it up on eBay to try and make some quick cash. Someone is currently selling a Cheeto that they say looks like a giraffe for $485.99

Rare Original Crunch Cheetos Shape Like Giraffe Eating Leaves



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