This season of love (or heartbreak, depending on who you ask), FinanceBuzz hired someone to listen to 24 hours of breakup songs for $1,100. The project was in the name of science, finding out what kind of songs provided more emotional relief than others during a breakup.

FinanceBuzz revealed on Feb. 1 they were looking for someone who is newly single to work through their recent heartbreak by listening to 24 hours worth of songs inspired by breakups. The individual would then be asked to categorize them into which were most helpful for each breakup phase: denial, anger, relapse, depression and acceptance. The categories would then be made into playlists to help others get through their own heartache.

They estimated it takes someone at least $1,100 to get back on their feet after a breakup, what with the cost of a Netflix subscription, premium dating apps, therapy and some ice cream. Therefore, they wanted to offer that amount so the individual could get over their heartbreak in whatever way they see fit.

FinanceBuzz then hired Cristin Sauter as their "DJ of Heartache." Sauter is a psychotherapist and a musician. They asked her to assign an Emotional Relief Rating (ERR) to each song. The ERR is on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the highest amount of relief received. The company did add the caveat that feelings are subjective and how you perceive a song is based on many different factors for everyone.

For Sauter, Fleetwood Mac had the highest average ERR, with a score of 9.5 out of 10. On the other hand, Cher Lloyd had the lowest average ERR, with a score of 1 out of 10. Songs from the "Acceptance" playlist also have the highest average ERR, while songs from the "Relapse" playlist had the lowest. You can check out all of the playlists below.

The Best Songs for Breakups Playlists


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