Having a baby at a hospital can be very expensive even if you have insurance. Have you thought about having your child at home?

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With modern technology over the last 40 years, you really don't hear much about mothers having babies at home. I have only heard stories from my dad about how he and all of his brothers and sisters were born at home. To quote my dad from when I was a kid finding out he was born in a house he said, "that's how we did things back in the day."

As a kid remembering when my sister was born at a hospital, I was taken to a family friend's house while my dad and mom went to the hospital so that was all I knew about the subject until I was going to become a dad.

Deciding On Where To Have Your Baby

When my son's mother and I were discussing the birth of our child, she actually opened my eyes to a lot of options that I didn't know existed. I just figured we would go to the hospital and the doctor would handle it.

What it boils down to is you can choose the hospital, birth center or you can go old school and have your baby at home. There are also other factors that go along the way.

My son was born at a hospital with a midwife but it was initially supposed to happen in water. When that didn't get the little guy out his mom was moved to a bed. His mom had chosen a more natural way of having our son to keep from having the epidural that is sometimes used.

Why Are More Mom's Having Their Baby at Home?

The pandemic was a big reason for mothers to begin having their children at home. Hospitals were full, also it was dangerous for a pregnant mother and a newborn child to be in an area where people were infected with a virus. Plus there was a lot of the unknown regarding the pandemic at the time too.

Many expecting parents contacted midwives who come to their home and assist in having their baby. Midwives had never been busier than during the pandemic and still continue to have full schedules.

Having a baby is natural and that baby is going to come out at some time whether it's at a hospital, a birth center, at home, or in a car driving to the hospital. It's actually the baby that decides when just not where in most cases.

It's not just moms in West Michigan who are having more babies at home, it is consistent all around the United States and the rest of the world.

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Baby?

The average cost is about $5,000 to $11,000 but if it's a C-Section that can range from $7,500 to $14,500. Depending on your insurance or lack of and including all the checks ups having a baby can cost close to $25,000.

Using a midwife for home delivery is not free and runs between $3,000 and $9,000 on average. So yes there are some savings to having a child at home but where a mother really saves is her mental wellbeing. She is in a comfortable environment at home with familiar faces along with a midwife she is able to better bond with rather than a doctor who walks in says hi then a few words as is off to the next patient.

Do Your Research Before Having a Baby at Home

Having a baby is natural for sure, but this is not a DIY project for another family member to deliver. Research midwives in your area. Talk with your doctor and look at all the different options and costs that make the most sense for you, your baby, and your family. Also, if you have insurance, check your coverage to make sure it will cover an at-home birth, not all insurance will cover that type of birth.

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