Thanks to quick action from some West Michigan firefighters, a tiny puppy is OK after overdosing on fentanyl.

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Coldwater Firefighters Local 2555 shared about the incident to Facebook over the weekend.

They said its not the kind of call they usually expect: A small brown and black puppy named Whip had gotten into a fentanyl patch and overdosed. Fentanyl is an opioid, used for treating severe pain.

The owners brought the tiny pup in to the Coldwater Fire Department, and they administered two doses of Naxolone (Narcan).

Coldwater Firefighters Local 2555, Facebook
Coldwater Firefighters Local 2555, Facebook

They say,

As you can see she is doing just fine. She will be monitored until her follow up with her veterinarian.

In the comments the fire crew shared that the puppy had dug the patch out of the garbage and they say it was "100% an accident".

Folks are sharing their appreciation for those who worked to save the puppy's life.

Leslie says,

That’s awesome! Thank you for caring for the innocent ones.


Sue writes,

Thanks for saving the puppy. Thank you for having the training to use and the Narcan available in our community.

Lois shares,

Great action! Thanks for saving their "baby".

Way to go, Coldwater Firefighters!

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